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Setting up your router

Bob Cook
posted this on November 21, 2011 04:27 PM

You must have a router to use iFit live. There are so many routers available that we are not able to support your exact model. We will explain what we can about routers in general but you will need to consult your router's owners manual or check with your router vendor for exact help.

When your router was installed it needed to be configured with your Internet provider equipment. In the easiest configuration you plug it in and it works. It works because your Internet provider's equipment assigned your router an IP address through DHCP and that's all it needed.

For most, it's not that easy. Most routers are configured with a browser. You type into your browser the IP address assigned to your router. You'll need to check your documentation for the exact address. Depending on your router it will be something like You can get a clue of what your a router's IP address is by looking at your own IP address on your computer while connected to your router. For example if your IP address was then your router will likely be or


Once you have the correct IP address you will be presented with an administration log in screen. Once again we can't help you if your don't know your credentials. Check your manual or call your router vendor.

Each router is different but you must make sure that;
Your router has the latest firmware update from the factory
It is set to work with 802.11b
It uses DHCP to supply the module with an IP address. (DHCP properly setup supplies it's own Subdomain and DNS addresses)

A strong WiFi signal is required to have an uninterrupted iFit experience. Your laptop and cell phone are portable. You can move them to where a signal is stronger. Your iFit equipment is not portable. You need to bring the signal to it. Also the radio that sends and receives the WiFi signal is stronger in your phone and laptop than it is in iFit equipment, so iFit needs a stronger signal.


Try to place your equipment where the signal is strong. If you are not able to place it close to your router, consider adding a second router to improve your signal. The simple way to add a second router is to connect two routers with an ethernet cable. Here is an example;


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