Application and Network Requirements

To ensure you get the most out of your iFIT experience, a few requirements need to be met:


Network Requirements and Suggested Settings

For both our embedded tablet machines and when using a personal phone or tablet, you will need a compatible and stable internet connection. To ensure your network is compatible, please verify the below settings:

  • Broadcasting in 802.11 B/G/N
  • Your password must be less than 14 characters
  • Ensure the following servers are whitelisted: 
  • Ensure the following ports are opened:
    • TCP port: 80 - HTTP
    • TCP port: 443 - HTTPS
    • TCP port: 4348 - iFit
    • UDP port: 4348 - iFit
  • We require at minimum 10Mbps download speeds but the faster the speed the better.
  • Guest Wi-Fi networks are not compatible
  • Satellite-based internet may have issues

Please contact your internet service provider for assistance on how to check or how to change these settings.

Tablet application Requirements

To use iFIT on your personal phone or tablet, we recommend you are fully up-to-date with your manufacturer's operating system version. We are unable to support our application on any operating system version no longer supported by the manufacturer. You must be on at least iOS 10 or higher for Apple devices. Android 5.1 or higher is required for Android devices. All devices must have Bluetooth 4.0 or higher. 

Unfortunately, any Windows-based tablets and Kindles are not compatible with this application!

If you have verified all these requirements are met and continue to experience issues. Please reach out to our Member Care team via Live Chat here, by submitting a request here.

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