Application Update 7" 10" Android-Touch Screen Machines - NEW UPDATE(2.2) - March 31 2014

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Our most recent application update (March 21, 2014) will be released and will contain the following:

  • Add Follow workout button to video workouts

  • Prevent incline from moving when stop key is pressed to end the workout

  • StreetView Stability

  • Fixed login bug

  • Allow for non-case sensitive login.

The update should take 10 minutes to complete. The download times will vary based on download speeds, and the amount of units updating.

The update has been released for all in home units. 

If the machines are left plugged in and connected to the internet over night the update will occur automatically. No additional steps will be required. You can verify that you have the most current app by pressing the, "Gear" icon on the homepage, then selecting, "Maintenance Mode." The current app version will be listed on the left side of that screen. The new application version is 2.2.

If you want to download the update immediately please follow the below steps or if the automatic update did not occur please see below;

Here are the steps for the update process with pictures:
1)From the home-screen, press the, "Gear" icon.
2) In the settings mode, select the, "Maintenance" Option:
3) Then press, "Firmware Update" to begin the update process. 
4) Once the update has begun you should see a screen similar to this. Keep in mind, this can take about 10 minutes or more to finish.


First Time User Set-up Slides

1 Intro-1.png

Press Begin Setup to start the set-up process!

2 connect-to-network.png

Press Connect to WIFI Network to connect your machine to WIFI to get the most out of your machine. Note: You will need to know your Network name(SSID) and passphrase(password). Hidden-Networks are not supported.

3 wifi-setup.png

Select your network from the list and enter in your password if needed(passwords are case-sensitive). Be sure that WIFI is ON, or you will not see any networks. Connect to your network then hit back to continue the setup. 

4 wifi-connected-change.png

You will see a green WIFI indicator that shows you are connected. You can change the network if you connected to the wrong one, or hit next to continue.

5 reigster.png

Enter your email address to register your equipment! Hit next when you have entered it in.

6a offers-maps.png

You will then see some of the offers that you can take advantage of as an owner of an iFit enabled machine! Be sure to hit YES to get the most out of your experience. 


7a walkthrough-dashboard.png

Be sure to review the tutorial slides to educate yourself on all the great features of your fitness equipment. When logging into iFit on your machine, a membership is required, and your username/password are case-sensitive.

7b walkthrough-workout.png

Great tips on how to use awesome features during a workout!

7c walkthrough-route.png

Be sure to try out drawing a route on your console! Google Map workouts are one of our best ways to experience iFit. 

By hitting Finish. you will be taken to the normal start screen of your machine where you can put all your new knowledge to use! 


Existing User-Slides


Our Release notes for the update!


Press Learn More to get more information on New iFit features!


Enter in your email address to get the latest information and news from iFit. 


Troubleshooting Tips:

The known issue with the update is related to WIFI, which will be specific to each unit, and network. You will need to verify that you have established a connection with your network prior to attempting to update the firmware. If you have any issues with the update, verify your connection by pressing the WIFI indicator in the bottom right corner, looking for the network to show it is connected, pressing the back arrow in the bottom right corner, and allow the machine to complete the update. We have had success in resolving the issue by power-cycling the unit, and trying again.


We are pleased to release the update that we have been working on, and testing for quite sometime now.  Our goal was to improve the overall function of the application, improve stability, and boost performance. All while fixing bugs that were affecting users. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please, submit a ticket. Good luck with your fitness goals!