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Creating a Map Workout

Hover over the "Create" option on the top of the toolbar and select "Map Based Workout."

Name your workout then select either RUN or CYCLE to create a run, or ride. You can then schedule the workout you are creating.

To continue, press Next.


Drawing Your Workout

Enter a location to get to where you want to draw the map. Click on the Map to start drawing. You can toggle the Snap to Road feature off if you want to full control of the route. 

Tip: Select the "Show StreetView Availability" to have the roads with StreetView available highlighted in blue. 

Pressing Undo will reset your last change, and you can always start over by pressing Reset. 


Setting the Speed throughout the Workout

When you have a route created, check the bottom right for a StreetView image. That will help determine whether or not you have StreetView available for your workout. 

Press Graph to get to the manipulator. In the Graph option, you can set the speed.

Click on the Customize Speed Graph to set the speed at specific intervals. If you do not change the speed, it will default to 1 MPH and you will have full control of the speed during your workout on your machine.

Click the added points to bring up the option to manually enter in the exact speed and time points.

Hit Next to continue.


Saving your Workout

Here you can view the details of the workout you are creating. Edit your workout by selecting edit.

Select Create to finish the process. You will see a success banner show up when the workout has successfully been created.

It takes seconds for the server to build your workout, when it's ready you'll see it in your "Workouts" then "Created" tabs.

From here you can view the Workout Details. 

Click Create More to create another workout.

Remember to find your created workouts in "Menu" - "Workouts" - "Created." Schedule them there for the correct day, or view your History to schedule the workout again!

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