7" 10" Android Touch Screen Quick-Guide

Set up a wireless network connection

 Select the settings main menu.

 Touch the gears button near the lower right corner of the screen to select the settings main menu


In the settings main menu, touch the Wireless Network button to enter the wireless network mode.

 Make sure that the Wi-Fi checkbox is marked with a green checkmark. If it is not, touch the Wi-Fi menu option once and wait for a few seconds. The console will search for available wireless networks.

Set-up and manage a wireless network connection.


When Wi-Fi is enabled, the screen will show a list of available networks. Note: It may take several seconds for the list of wireless networks to appear.

Make sure that the checkbox on the Network notification menu option is marked with a green checkmark to have the console notify you when a wireless network is within range and available.

When a list of networks appears, touch the desired network. Note: You will need to know your network name (SSID). If your network has a password, you will also need to know the password. 


An information box will ask if you want to connect to the wireless network. Touch the Connect button to connect to the network or touch the Cancel button to return to the list of networks. If the network has a password, touch the password entry box. A keyboard will appear on the screen. To view the password as you type it, touch the Show Password checkbox.

When the console is connected to your wireless network, the WiFi menu option at the top of the screen will display the word CONNECTED. Then, press the back button on the console to return to the wireless network mode. If you have connection issues that are persistent, verify you have the correct network name (SSID) and password.

To disconnect from a wireless network, select the wireless network and then touch the Forget button.

If you are having problems connecting to an encrypted network, make sure that your password is correct. Note: Passwords are case-sensitive. The iFit Live mode supports unsecured and secured (WEP, WPA, and WPA2) authentication protocols. A broadband connection is recommended; performance depends on connection speed. If you are still unsuccessful, feel free to vistit our support site at www.support.ifit.com or call us at 866-608-1798.


Checking for Updates

After successfully connecting to your WIFI, you will need to verify that your machine has the latest software. In some cases, the machine will automatically notify you of an important update. Here is how you can check for updates. We will periodically release updates to your machine to ensure stability, and to allow us to increase, or, fine-tune iFit to be as beneficial to you as possible. Here is how you check for firmware updates. You will notice a green WIFI indicator in the bottom right corner of the screen if you are connected. Your machine is required to be connected to your WIFI to begin a firmware update. Do not unplug your machine while it is updating as you may risk damaging or corrupting the firmware. Some firmware updates can take up to 2 hours depending on your download speeds.

1) From the Start screen, press the "Gear" Icon in footer

 2) Select the maintenance setting

 Your update may look different than this, but don’t worry. Give it time to progress.


(Note: Not all updates require you to update the assets.)


Choose the Login button from the main screen. Type in the username and password you used when you registered at iFit.com. Keep in mind that you will use your username and password, rather than your email address to log in here. Both username and password are case-sensitive.  If you haven't registered yet please visit www.ifit.com/register to create a new account.


Scheduling a workout

Now go to iFit.com and set up your schedule. To create workouts select, “Create a Workout” to create and design your own customer map, distance, or time-based workout. You can browse through our extensive library of trainer programs, premium content, or pre-made popular maps by selecting, “Menu” and going to the Fitness Ship. You can hover over the workout to select, “Join” to enroll in the workout. To schedule workouts please follow the steps below:

Select the Workouts option:

Then click the schedule icon of the workout you would like to assign to today.

After you have scheduled workouts, you can then arrange your workouts to match your schedule. To move workouts, simply drag and drop the workout on the day that you would like.


Accessing and Downloading the workouts at your machine:


Each of the outlined options will be areas that your machine will have workouts ready for you to download, if you have that specific workout type scheduled on your account. The map option will host any maps that you create, or, maps that you have scheduled to do. The “Train” option hosts training programs that you can join and utilize with iFit! Pressing, “Video” will allow you to access the HD videos installed on your machine. “Lose Weight” will host trainer-based programs like Jillian Michaels’ weight loss program.

Then, at your machine press, “Lose Weight” and hit start to download and begin your first workout!

If you have any questions on the features and benefits of iFit, please, visit our site for support. We also have a library of how-to-videos you can access by visiting our YouTube page. You can reach us at (866) 608-1798 -- M-F 6 AM - 6 PM MST Saturday 8 AM - 4 PM MST.



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