How to Use an iFit Workout

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How to Use an iFit Workout


Note: To use an iFit workout, you must have access to a wireless network (see How to Use the Wireless Network Mode). An iFit account is also required.

1  Insert the key into the console

See HOW TO TURN ON THE POWER in the user’s manual.

2  Select the main menu

When you turn on the power, the main menu will appear after the console boots up. At any time that the screen is not showing the main menu, touch the home button in the lower-left corner of the screen to return to the main menu.


3  Log in to your iFit account

If you have not already done so, touch the Login button to log in to your iFit account. The screen will ask for your username and password. Enter them and touch the Submit button. Touch the Cancel button to exit the login screen.


4  Select an iFit Live workout

To download an iFit workout in your schedule, touch the Map, Train, Video, or Lose Weight button to download the next workout of that type in your schedule (see the picture above). Note: You may be able to access demo workouts through these options, even if you do not log in to an iFit account.

To compete in a race that you have previously scheduled, touch the Compete button. To view your Workout History, touch the Track button. To use a set-a-goal workout, touch the Set A Goal button (see How to Use a Set-A-Goal Workout). Note: You may also be able to press one of the iFit buttons on the console.

To switch users within the account, touch the user button near the lower right corner of the screen. Before some workouts will download, you must add them to your schedule on

For more information about the iFit workouts, please see

When you select an iFit workout, the screen will show the name, duration, and distance of the workout. The screen will also show the approximate number of calories you will burn during the workout. If you select a competition workout, the display will count down to the beginning of the race.

5  Start the workout


During some workouts, the voice of a personal trainer will guide you through your workout.

6  Monitor your progress

See step 5 under HOW TO USE THE MANUAL MODE. The screen may also show a map of the trail that you are walking or running.

During a competition workout, the screen will show the speeds of the runners and the distances they have run. The screen will also show the numbers of seconds that the other runners are ahead of you or behind you.

7  Measure your heart rate if desired

IMPORTANT: If your fitness equipment includes a chest heart rate monitor, do not use the handgrip heart rate monitor and the chest heart rate monitor at the same time, or the console will not display your heart rate accurately. For information about the chest heart rate monitor, see the user’s manual.


Before using the handgrip heart rate monitor, remove the sheets of plastic from the metal contacts. In addition, make sure that your hands are clean. To locate the metal contacts, see the section titled BEFORE YOU BEGIN in the user’s manual.


To measure your heart rate, stand on the foot rails and hold the contacts with your palms for approximately ten seconds; avoid moving your hands. When your pulse is detected, your heart rate will be shown. For the most accurate heart rate reading, continue to hold the contacts for about 15 seconds.

8  Turn on the fan if desired

See step 7 under How to Use the Manual Mode. Note: Your console may not feature a built-in fan.


9  When you are finished exercising, remove the key from the console

Step onto the walking platform and touch the home button or the back button on the screen or press the Stop button on the console. A workout summary will appear on the screen. After you view the workout summary, touch the Finish button to return to the main menu. You may also be able to either save or publish your results using one of the options on the screen. Then, remove the key from the console and put it in a secure place.

When you are finished using the fitness equipment, press the power switch into the off position and unplug the power cord. IMPORTANT: If you do not do this, the fitness equipment’s electrical components may wear prematurely.

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