Basic Troubleshooting

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Most fitness equipment console problems can be solved by following the simple steps below. Find the symptom that applies, and follow the steps listed. If further assistance is needed, see the customer service number on your user’s manual.

SYMPTOM: The console screen remains lit when you remove the key from the console

a. The console features a display demo mode, designed to be used if the fitness equipment is displayed in a store. If the screen shows a demo presentation when you remove the key, the demo mode is turned on. To turn off the demo mode, see step 5 under How to Use the Equipment Settings Mode.

SYMPTOM: The incline of the treadmill does not change correctly

a. Calibrate the incline system (see step 4 under How to Use the Maintenance Mode). 

SYMPTOM: The iFit mode does not function correctly

a. If the iFit mode is not functioning correctly, make sure that the treadmill has the most current firmware available (see step 3 under How to Use the Maintenance Mode).

SYMPTOM: The treadmill will not connect to the wireless network

a. Make sure that the wireless settings on your console are correct (see step 4 under How to Use the Wireless Network Mode).

b. Make sure that the settings for your wireless network are correct.