What To Do When Your iFit Active Battery Dies

In some cases, your battery might run out of power and your iFit Active band will power down. It is important to keep your device charged, but if your device does power down from low battery power, it will un-sync from your phone and will need to be re-synced. Here are the steps for setting your iFit Active back after your battery has died.


1. Be sure that your device has been charged and is turned on. You can press any button to wake it up after the charge. Remove your device from the charger and grab your phone or device that you are using the iFit All Day Fitness app on.

2. Press and hold both the top and bottom button on your iFit Active device to turn the 'SYNC ON' and Bluetooth.


3. Be sure that Bluetooth is turned on on your device that you are using the iFit All Day Fitness app on, and launch the app.

 4. Swipe down from the top of your dashboard to select and sync your device. The app will remember the device it was last synced with and upload your data to the phone, like set the time on your device. 

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