Getting Started with the iFit Active Band

This guide will be an overview on getting started with the iFit Active Band and cover the basic features, set-up, and use.
 Net Calories
iFit shows a daily net calories score based on the calories you consume minus the calories you burn. So you always know when you're in the healthy, harmful, or weight loss range.
 Calories In
Log the calories you consume with the quick calorie button on the iFit Active band or use the app. 
 Calories Out
See how many calories you've burned while active, idle, or asleep.
Every step you take throughout the day is recorded and displayed in real-time.
Measures exactly how far your daily activities take you each day.
Automatically changes to night mode to record your pillow time and sleep patterns.
View personal goals and watch your progress in steps, distance, calories, and net calories.
Setting up your device and app correctly is key to getting the most out of your iFit Active band. Your settings determine the information tracked, and how accurate the tracking is. Let's go through a quick run-down of the setup process. Be sure to click on the hyperlinked text for more information. 
  1. Open your device package and take out the clip, band, and pod.
  2. Grab your phone or device that you are using and go to the App store if you are using iOS, or the Play Store and search for, "iFIt Track". 
  3. Download, install, and launch the app. 
  4. Login or create your iFit account that will be used with the band. Create an account here:Join iFit
  5. Follow the on screen instructions to put the device in the band or pod, configuring the app settings, and syncing your device and basic instructions

If you need to change any settings, refer to this article to change them.

TIP: Be sure to Enable Auto-Sleep to automatically switch the device into sleep mode during a specific time-window.

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