WIFI Module FAQ's

How do I select my secondary users?

  • Most equipment you will need to insert the module into your machine, then do a workout. After the workout is completed, hit HOME, then press the up or down arrows to select different users. Refer to your owners manual for more specific instructions for your model.


I don't see any picture on Google Maps? Where is the StreetView? - Top Question

  • Your console is a mono-chromatic display(similar to an alarm clock) and does not have the capability of displaying StreetView. Refer to this article here for instructions on how to get your StreetView on another device. 



When do I have to reconfigure your my module? 

  • You will only need to reconfigure your module if you replaced your router, changed Internet Service Providers, or changed your WIFI password.


Do I keep my module in my machine or do I need to plug it into my computer?

  • Your module is connected to your WIFI after connecting it through www.ifit.com/install. After that has been completed, you can keep it in your machine. 


I am trying to connect, but my console is "Connecting... then CONNECTION TIMED OUT. What do I do?

  • Refer to this article here. Your module may not be connected to you WIFI, or your signal strength may be too low.


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