Workout Mode on the iFit Vue

Your iFit Vue will detect when you are doing a rigorous activity and enter a workout mode automatically. There is also a feature that allows you to start your workouts manually. When you start a workout manually, the tracker pod will remain in workout mode for 15 minutes. Then, if the tracker pod detects further activity, or is receiving a heart rate information from a heart rate monitor, it will continue in workout mode.

The tracker pod will record your average speed during each minute of your workout. This information will be displayed in your workout history in the iFit app.

During your workouts, the tracker pod will display your heart rate when you wear a compatible heart rate monitor. When the tracker pod detects a heart rate monitor, your heart rate will be shown in the display. When the tracker pod cannot detect a heart rate monitor, an instructional message will appear in the display.

The tracker pod is compatible with all Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitors. For information about purchasing a Bluetooth Smart chest heart rate monitor, see the article on using the iFit Vue and Heart Rate monitor.


To manually enter Workout Mode:


  1. Tap the button on the iFit Vue till you see the option, "Workout Mode."
  2. Double-tap the button when, "Workout Mode" is displayed to enter Workout Mode.
  3. The iFit Vue will stay in workout mode for 15 minutes and if it detects further activity, or an active heart-rate signal, it will continue in Workout Mode.
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