How the Sleep Feature Works

The iFit Vue will track your sleep and give you detailed information about your sleep like time spent in light sleep, deep sleep, Awake time, number of times you woke up, what time you went to bed, and when you woke up.

You can set your Sleep Goal under the Goals Menu in Settings.

To have your sleep tracked accurately, you will need to set your in bed and awake at times in the iFit app. Your iFit Vue will use its automatic activity detection to begin to track your sleep data when it's your In Bed Time. Meaning, during the In Bed Time and Awake time, the Vue will track your movement to gauge your awake time, light sleep, deep sleep, when you went to bed, and when you woke up. 


Setting Your In Bed and Wake Up Time

  1. In the iFit app, go to Settings. Then Product Settings.
  2. Select Sleep.
  3. Select the In Bed Time and Wake Up Time to change the times.
  4. Sync your Vue with the iFit app.


Viewing Sleep Data

  1. In the iFit app, go to the Dashboard.
  2. Select the Sleep icon.
  3. Your sleep stats for that day will be displayed.


Logging Sleep

  1. In the iFit app, tap on the + button in the bottom right corner.
  2. Press the Sleep icon, and enter in your In Bed at and Awake At times.          
  3. Press the checkbox in the top left corner to log your sleep.

Tip: You can tap the date at the top of the page where you are entering in your sleep information to change the date for the sleep you are logging. 


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