How to use the iFit Link Pod


When using the iFit Link Tracker Pod, you will get all of the information that you need from the blue LED lights on the Pod.


The Link has four LED lights that will indicate different functionality such as the percentage completion of your goal and the remaining battery life. 

Goal Completion

To view the Goal Completion, you will firmly press the square button on the Link once. Each of the blue lights on the Pod will indicate 25% of your daily Goal has been Completed.

Battery Life

To view the remaining battery life, press the button once. When the LED light is on, firmly press the square button on the iFit Link twice. Again the lights will light suggesting the remaining battery life of the iFit Link Tracker Pod.

Manual Workout Mode

The Link Tracker Pod has an awesome feature that allows it to automatically enter workout mode when such movement is detected. You can however enter Workout Mode manually. To enter Workout mode manually, press the square button once. Then you will firmly press the square button on the iFit Link three times. The Link will stay in Workout mode for Exactly 15 minutes. After the 15 minute workout, if a workout is detected. The iFit Link will automatically continue in workout mode until it is no longer detected. 

Understanding the LED Indicators

The link has four lights on it. Each light represents 25%, which will mean that one light is 25%, two lights is 50%, three lights is 75% and all four lights is 100%.


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