Workout Mode on the iFit Link

Setting Workout Mode in the IFit Track App

In the Track app, you can set the tracker pod to detect your workouts automatically or to wait for you to start your workouts manually.

Workout Mode

When you start a workout manually, the tracker pod will remain in workout mode for 15 minutes. Then, if the tracker pod detects further activity, it will continue in workout mode.The tracker pod will record your average speed during each minute of your workout. This information will be displayed in your workout history in the iFit app.

Manually Entering Workout Mode:

 To manually enter workout mode, you will press the square button on the tracker pod three times. Once this is done, you will see the LED lights flash in sequence indicating workout mode has begun. 

Cancel Workout Mode

Workout mode will automatically stop two ways. (A) If there is no activity for 3 consecutive minutes, and (B) if it no longer is receiving heart rate information from a heart rate monitor. 


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