Viewing the information on your Vue

During your daily use of your iFit Vue, you may want to check your Calorie output, net calories, steps or distance. 


Here is a quick guide as to what each button press will do for you. Each of theses presses are sequential, meaning, you will cycle through the options via single button presses. 

  • One button press will wake up the tracker pod and show the date and time. 
  • Two button presses will show your calorie intake that you have added, it may look like this ( 0 IN) if nothing has been added. To learn more about adding calories from your Vue tracker pod, please click here.
  • Three button presses shows the calorie output. 
  • Four button presses shows your net calories.
  • Five button presses shows your current step count.
  • Six button presses shows the distance that you have traveled. 
  • Seven button presses will take you to 'Workout Mode'. To learn more about using and entering workout mode click here.


We hope you enjoy your new Fitness tracker and welcome you to our iFIT Family. 

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