How do I schedule workouts?

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Schedule Workouts

Types of Workouts

On you will find different types of workouts, lets show you where to find them and how to add them.

The Library
Our team of fitness guru's have built maps from around the world for you to enjoy. You can also add some of our Event Training or Lose Weight programs to help meet your goals. Click the " Library" option below.

Created Workouts
Once the workouts have been created you can go back repeat them any time you would like. Click the "Scheduling Created Workouts" option below.

Previously Added Programs
After completing a program you can then add it back into your schedule to use them again. Click the "Previously Completed Programs" option below.

The Library

Start by logging in on, once you're logged in click the menu tab at the top of your screen. See the picture below for visual assistance.



After selecting Menu you'll see Library. See the picture below for visual assistance.



The top part of the library will show suggested popular programs. See the picture below for visual assistance.

In the Library you will see sections for the types workout and different types of machine. See the picture below for visual assistance.

View Programs

Clicking "View All" next to the Section will show all of the available programs. See the picture above.

**Additional Information**

Programs will have an icon showing the types of equipment they are for. See the picture below for visual assistance.

Created Workouts

The following steps will walk you through adding your workouts to your schedule on Below each step you will see a picture as a reference. 

 When adding workouts you created you'll begin by clicking 'Menu'.

Choose the 'Workouts' option from the drop down menu.

The 'Created' option will show you all of the workouts you have made.

By clicking the ' + ' button you'll then have the option of choosing a start date.

Then select the date.


Your workout has now been added into your schedule and is ready to be downloaded.

Repeat the above steps for each desired workout.

Completed Programs

If you would like to complete a program you added from the library please follow the steps below.

From the drop down menu choose 'Workouts'.

Select 'Programs' located next to 'History and Created.'

Click restart to the right of the program you would like to complete again.

Once clicking 'Restart' you will see it now says 'Leave.' You are now ready to use the program on your machine.


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