Console Keeps Switching Between Blue and White Screen: Looping

If the console software doesn't load properly, most often it will switch back and forth between a blue Android screen and a white iFit screen, which we refer to as looping. You'll need to reinstall the software, but before you can do that, you'll need to stop the looping first. Read on to learn how. 

How to Stop Your Screen From Looping

When the console loops to the white iFit screen, use your finger and draw an infinity symbol (a sideways figure 8). This will stop the looping and the console will stay on the blue Android screen. (If the looping doesn't stop immediately, you may have to draw the figure 8 several times.)

NOTE: If drawing the figure 8 didn't stop the looping, you can still complete the next steps (listed below). You will just have to do it while your screens continue to loop back and forth. It's a little frustrating, but the looping will stop once you get to step 5.

Next, complete the following steps:

1. Tap the gear icon on the far right (Settings).



2. Select Applications.


3. Select Manage Applications.


4. Select iFit.


5. Select Force Stop.


6. After the app has been stopped, select Uninstall.

Note: If you don't fully Uninstall the app, the next steps for reinstallation may not work properly. 


7. Select OK to Uninstall the iFit App. 



8. When the iFit app is uninstalled, hit OK.



7. Now, use the back arrow on your console to get back to the main menu, so you can finish the last 3 steps before reinstalling the software. (This is the same menu where you selected Applications.) 


8. From the main menu, tap Wireless & Networks. Verify that you are connected to your home WiFi, then use the back arrow to get back to the main menu.



9. Next, tap Applications. Make sure there is a check mark next to Unknown Sources. If you check it and a warning message pops up, click OK to accept it. Then tap the back arrow to get back to the main menu. 


10. Lastly, scroll down to Date and Time, then complete the following steps: 

  • Uncheck Automatic.
  • Select Set Time Zone, then choose the correct one for your area.
  • Select Set Time, then set the correct time. 
  • Select Set Date, then set the correct date. 
  • Now, recheck Automatic, then verify that the time in the top, right corner is correct. If the time isn't correct, uncheck Automatic, correct the time zone, then recheck Automatic. Verify that the time is correct again.
  • When you're done, use the back arrow to get back to the blue Android screen.


Now, you're ready to Reinstall the Software.


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