iFit Classic FAQ

Syncing your Device


How do I sync my iFit Classic watch with the iFit app?

After you sync your device to the app the first time, just pull down to sync on the Dashboard whenever you want to refresh and sync the app. Be sure to have Bluetooth turned on, on both your phone and your iFit Classic watch when syncing. Note: If you have more than one iFit wearable, you cannot have multiple devices sync to the same phone.

When should I sync the device?

You will want to sync your device before your battery gets too low. Loss of battery life will erase any unsynced data from the device. You will also need to sync your device any time you make changes to your settings from the app. If you leave the app open and bluetooth enabled on your phone, the iFit Classic will sync in the background.


Warranty Coverage


What is the warranty?

iFit Classic is covered by a 1 year limited warranty and covers manufacturing defects. For more information on the warranty refer to the owner’s manual.

Do you offer an extended warranty?

No, there is not an extended warranty for the iFit Classic device.



Charging and Maintenance


Is the device water-resistant?

Yes, the iFit Classic is water resistant it is rate at 5 ATM (Withstand pressure up to 50 meters).

How long does the battery last?

The battery lasts 7 days.

How long does it take to charge the device?

From a dead battery, it will take about 2-7  hours to fully charge. Plug your USB charger into a wall outlet, or powered charger for quicker charging. The time needed to fully charge the watch can depend on whether you charge via a USB port, or via a wall plug, or car charger.

How do I tell how much battery life I have left?

When the battery level is at 15 percent, both the red and green LEDs will flash for 5 seconds to notify you that the battery needs to be charged. This will continue to happen every 5 minutes until the battery is drained completely or until you charge the watch. You can also view your current battery level within the iFit app.

How should I clean the device?

Use a small washcloth with warm water and a small amount of soap to rinse the band off.

My battery died. Does that cause any damage?

When your device runs out of charge, all of your data that has not been synced will be erased. Be sure to charge your device before your battery drains completely for the best experience.



What phones/tablets are the device compatible with?

iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, and above. iPad 3 and above. iTouch 5th gen, and above.  Android 4.3+ with Bluetooth 4.0BLE required. The device uses BLE Bluetooth technology.


Logging Workouts and Nutrition


How do I log a workout?

You can log a workout on www.ifit.com using your iFit login,  you can also log a workout via the iFit app. Click the links below to get a walkthrough on how to do so. With the power of the cloud,  all of your workouts done, or logged from any iFit workouts, or products, will be linked.

Logging a Workout on iFit.com

Logging a Workout using the iFit app

How do I log nutrition on the iFit app?

For steps on logging nutrition, refer to this article:Logging Calories

Can I log that nutrition for previous days if I missed it?

Yes, when you are logging your nutrition on the iFit app, you can select what day you are logging for.

Can I log nutrition anywhere else?

Yes, you can log nutrition on iFit.com by logging in with your iFit username and password. Go to https://www.ifit.com/log#nutrition to start logging food on our website.


How iFit.com Integrates with iFit App/Classic


When I do a workout on my equipment, does it link with my iFit app?

Yes, when you complete a workout on your iFit equipment, sync your device. The workout will show up in your profile on the app, and your watch will also update with the steps gained, calories burned, from the workout. Be sure to check your settings on the iFit app to set your watch up to integrate with other iFit products. For more on using the iFit Classic with other iFit products, click here.

When I log nutrition, or change my weight on iFit.com, do I have to update the app, too?

No, iFit uses cloud technology to seamlessly integrate all of your iFit products together. When you update your information on iFit.com, the iFit app will always know and update accordingly. This also applies to any workouts done using iFit Outside app.

What else does iFit offer to better my experience with the iFit app?

With your purchase of the iFit Classic, you are now a part of the iFit experience. We offer a host of products that help you track your workouts, gain knowledge, and stay active. We offer a GPS tracking app, Google Maps and Training programs on iFit Equipment, and a website where everything that is important to you is stored.


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