Getting to Know the iFit Classic

You can manually track your calories on the watch. To enter calories, press and hold the bottom button for 3 seconds. The hand in the calorie subdial will move to the 3:00 position, and then back to the 12:00 position. Then press the top button repeatedly to enter calories in increments of 50. (Tip: To enter calories more quickly, hold down the top button.) When you have entered the desired calorie amount, press the bottom button to confirm the amount. The hand in the calorie subdial will return to the 12:00 position to signify that the watch has recorded this information. Note: The maximum number of calories you can enter in one day is 9000.

The watch will automatically calculate and record your daily step count. This will be displayed by the hand in the daily step subdial. One full round of the daily step subdial is 10,000 steps. If you walk more than 10,000 steps in a day, the hand in the daily step subdial will continue to move past the 0 marker, and the watch will continue to record your steps. Your total steps can be viewed in the iFit app.

The watch will automatically calculate your net calories based on the calories you manually enter via the iFit app or watch and the amount of daily steps you have taken. This information is displayed by the hand in the net calorie subdial. The 12:00 position represents 0 net calories; the 6:00 position represents either +2000 net calories or -2000 net calories, based on which direction the hand is moving.

The watch will vibrate to alert you of certain information. If you have not moved for an amount of time which you specify in the iFit app, the watch will vibrate twice to notify you that you have reached your move time limit (the default time is set to 30 minutes). If you reach one of the goals you set in the iFit app (for instance, if you complete 10,000 daily steps), the watch will vibrate 4 times and the red and green LEDs will flash to notify you that you have completed a goal.

If you need to reset the watch for any reason, hold down the top button and the bottom buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds. The LEDs will light, the second hand will stop moving, and all subdial hands will move to the 12:00 position. Press the bottom button to resume normal watch operation.

The watch can retain up to 30 days worth of data. If you do not sync the watch to the iFit app after 30 days, the oldest daily data files will be deleted to make room for newer daily data files. Be sure to sync your device before your battery is depleted to avoid any loss of data.


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