iFit Classic Quick Start Guide

Install the iFit App


You can pair, setup, and sync the iFit Classic with your iOS device (iPhone 4s and later), or Android device (Android 4.3 and above) with Bluetooth 4.0.


Download the app via the App Store, or Google Play store on your compatible phone/tablet by searching for iFIT and downloading the free iFIT app. Be sure that your Bluetooth is enabled on your phone.


Wake the Watch From Shipping Mode


The first time you use the watch, press and hold the bottom button for 3 seconds. After approximately 3 seconds, the watch will exit shipping mode and the hands will begin to move.


Set the Time on the Watch


The first time you use your iFit Classic, you will need to set the time. Start by gently pulling the crown away from the dial (refer to picture of Classic for diagram). Next, turn the crown until the dial displays the correct time. Then, push the crown back toward the dial.


Pair, Setup, and Sync


Open the iFit app and follow the instructions to setup an iFit account (or login with existing iFit credentials) and pair the iFit Classic to the iFit app on your device.


As part of the pairing process, press and hold the top button for 3 seconds. The red LED on the dial will flash. Then, in the iFit app, select the watch from the list of discoverable devices. The iFit app will display your watch for you to select and sync.


Your watch will flash a green LED light on the dial to notify you that the pairing is successful. After pairing the watch, the iFit app will automatically sync whenever the iFit app is open and Bluetooth is enabled on your device. You can also manually sync the iFit Classic by opening the iFit app. During the initial setup, you will set your goals, alarms, sleep, and other settings. Refer to the other articles for more in depth coverage on each setting/alarm/or goal.


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