iFit Act Sync Troubleshooting

The iFit Act uses BLE, or Bluetooth 4.0. The phone that you are using will need to be compatible for the Act to sync with it. If you are not sure if your phone is compatible, check our compatibility requirements.

Do not attempt to sync the Act under your bluetooth settings of your phone, you can only sync the Act to your phone through the iFit app. (You may receive an error, "Incorrect PIN or Password" if you attempt to sync to your phones bluetooth).

If your device is compatible and you are syncing via the iFit app and still unable to sync, try this.

  1. If your battery level is low, it will flash the red, blue, and amber lights simultaneously for a few seconds every minute. Replace your battery if you see this behavior.
  2. Be sure that bluetooth is turned on, on your phone settings. Without Bluetooth turned on, your device will not sync.
  3. The Act pod needs to be close to your device you are syncing it with.


If you are still unsuccessful, try the following steps:

  • Turn Bluetooth on your phone OFF, then back ON.
  • Open the iFit app and the device should automatically sync.


If you have verified the above steps and instructions and are still unable to sync, perform the following:

  • Restart your phone by turning your phone off and on.
  • Open the iFit app and the device should automatically sync.


Make sure you have updated the latest version of iOS for iPhone, or OS for Android to your phone. 

 Lastly, you may need to reset your iFit Act. Be sure you have tried the other steps shown above before you perform a reset as it will erase any data that has not been synced to the iFit app.

 If you are still unable to sync, perform a hard reset by following these steps:

  • Removing the battery and reinserting it.


After the reset, go back into sync mode on the Act and attempt to sync again.


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