How to Sync the iFit Act

Your device will need to be put into Sync Mode anytime that you want to sync your data to the iFit app. Keep in mind that your Act pod will erase any data that has not been synced in 7 days, so be sure to sync your device before loss of data. 

  1. Press the button on the pod till you see the red light.
  2. Press and hold the button down for 3 seconds, or until it starts flashing.
  3. Have Bluetooth Enabled on your phone, the iFit app open and on the dashboard.
  4. Pull down on the dashboard to have the app refresh the Sync and upload your data. 

Be sure that you are not attempting to sync your iFit Act to your phones Bluetooth under your phones Bluetooth settings. Doing so will cause the Act to be unable to sync to the iFit app.


For troubleshooting syncing related issues, refer to our help article here.


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