Sleep HR FAQs

Can I use the sensor without a smartphone?

Communication between the sensor and the application is mandatory. In order to collect and analyze sleep data the smartphone has to be connected to the sensor.

Which app should I use with my Sleep Sensor?

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What type of mattresses can be used with the sensor?

Any type of a 2"-20" thick mattress can be used with the sensor. However, the sensor does not support water beds, air/gel mattresses or mechanical massage beds during their operation.

How should the sensor be placed in bed?

Place the sensor under the mattress with the logo facing up. Be sure to place it approximately 5"-6" away from the edge of the bed, in the shoulder area (below the pillow line) and that the sensor power cable is not twisted or tangled. 

For additional information about sensor placement please see the product's user manual.

How do I know that the sensor is measuring me properly?

In order to make sure that the sensor is measuring you, please make sure that the following conditions are met:
•The sensor is placed properly under the mattress as described in the user manual.
•The app indicates connectivity with the sensor.
•The sensor is within 4-5 meters from your smartphone.

If while viewing the app in bed you cannot see any measurements, please wait a few moments for the measurements to appear.

Can I use my smartphone battery charger instead of my sensor's adapter?

To ensure optimal performance, please use only the power supply that is provided in the Product's package.

The sensor is damaged. What can I do? 

If your sensor was damaged please contact customer service for further assistance, continuing to use a damaged sensor may result in inaccurate readings. You can contact support by calling 1-866-608-1798, Monday through Friday between the hours of 6:00 AM - 5:45 PM mountain standard time, by going to and selecting submit a request and submitting an email, or choosing the "Live Chat" option found on and under the support tab.

Can I register several sensors on one account?

No, only one sensor can be linked to each user account at a time. In case a new sensor is now being used, the previous sensor will no longer be connected to this user.
However in case another user would try to link his account to a sensor that was already associated with a different user, all the previous user’s historical data will be deleted and will not be available in the app (via the calendar) anymore.

Will my stats be affected by a second person in bed or a pet.

The Sensors' application is intended for measuring up to 2 people in bed (using one sensor per person).
For sensor placement instruction please refer to the tutorial available in the application.

It is also recommended that you do not have any pets sleeping in your bed, as this could affect the accuracy of your sleep stats.

What happens when there is no optimal point during the Fresh Wake/Smart alarm time frame?

In this case the alarm will ring at the end of the configured range. Also, please note that the Fresh Wake/Smart alarm feature will only function when an active network connection is available on your smartphone.

When is it optimal to wake up?

The best period of time to wake up is when your sleep is at its shallowest stage. When you are in deep sleep – your brain wants to continue sleeping. When you are awakened from deep sleep you feel heavy and not focused for a short period of time.
You can avoid this feeling, and wake up fresh by using a smarter alarm that doesn't only wake you up in a predefined time but will do so when detecting the optimal sleep stage within a time window of up to 45 minutes prior to that time.
If no optimal sleep stage is found or the app is offline, the alarm will go off at the end of the time window you defined.








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