Workout Mode on the iFit DUO

  1. From the Date/Time Screen, Press and HOLD the Lower button for 3 seconds. The Sleep option will display.
  2. Press the Upper button to cycle to the Workout option.
  3. Press the Lower button to start a workout. (Pressing the upper button on the Start screen will cancel Workout mode and take you back to the Date/Time Screen)
        a) The timer for your workout will begin and the heart-rate monitor will flash if the watch isn’t detecting a heart rate from the optional heart rate monitor.



To end your workout at any time, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Upper/Lower button to cycle to the Heart rate screen.
  2. Press the Lower button from the Heart Rate screen to end the workout.
  3. Press the Lower button to confirm.
  4. Press the Lower button to Save your workout.

During a workout, there are two screens that you can view to get information on your workout.

The Workout Heart Rate Screen can be accessed by pressing the Lower button once. This screen shows your BPM(beats per minute) if you have the optional heart rate monitor connected to the watch. It will also show you the the total time you have been working out.

 The Workout Details screen can be accessed by pressing the Upper button from the Date/Time Screen. You can view your total distance, calories burned, pace, and duration of your workout.


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