Charging the iFit Axis HR

To charge the Axis HR, align the contacts on the Axis with the pins on the charger (see picture), and then firmly press the charger onto the Axis HR.  Be sure that the charger is firmly seated. There are magnet’s on the charger to help secure the connection.


Next, plug the charger into a USB charger, port, or other USB charging device. You will notice the battery percentage shown on the Axis when it is charging. When your Axis shows 100%, it is completely charged.


Note: The battery will charge more slowly during the final percentage of charge. The Axis HR switches to a trickle charge for the final portion of the charge to ensure the battery isn’t overcharged.


If the Axis HR is not charging, be sure that the pins are fully seated in the contacts on the watch. Make sure the USB cable is fully seated into the charger.


Note: To charge the Axis HR  more quickly, plug the charger into a USB wall adapter (not included) or a USB car charger (not included).


If you have lost your charger, you can purchase a new one from our Customer Service. You can reach them via email, phone, and chat.


Checking the Battery Level While Charging

To check the battery level at any time while the Axis HR is charging, tap the screen. The current battery level will be shown. When the Axis HR is fully charged, the battery level will be shown at 100 percent until you remove it from the charger.

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