Getting Started with iFit Coach

It’s more than just tracking your stats. It’s about learning what to do next.

Experience a completely personalized fitness app, tailored just for you. iFit Coach will provide you with actionable guidance each day for activity, exercise, nutrition, and sleep. Your fitness plan will continually adapt based on your unique goals, body metrics, and activity. It’s just like having a personal trainer and dietitian with you, guiding you every step of the way.



  • Log and track activity, exercise, nutrition, sleep, and weight.

  • Gain insights into your day with comprehensive stats for activity, exercise, nutrition, and sleep.

  • Receive recommended goals, or set your own goals for weight, exercise, nutrition, activity, and sleep.

  • Enjoy new workout recommendations every day based on a number of factors, including your daily activity, exercise goal, and workout type preferences.

  • Get a personalized nutrition plan each day complete with calorie targets for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

  • Receive activity and sleep tips to help you live a healthier lifestyle.

  • Follow and share your journey with friends in the iFit community.



  • Automatically track your stats by connecting the app with any of the following iFit wearables: Axis HR, Active, Act, Link, Vue, Duo, or Classic.

  • View stats for workouts completed on your iFit connected exercise equipment.



  • Simply download the app and sign in to fill out your profile.

  • Purchase an iFit Coach monthly membership (With a free account, you can track your activity but you won't get nutritional or exercise recommendations.)

  • We’ll craft your personalized fitness plan and provide you with customized, daily coaching to help you accomplish your goals. (Paid account only.)

  • Start tracking your activity, exercise, nutrition, and sleep.



Subscribe to an iFit Coach membership to receive daily guidance and personalized coaching. By signing up for an iFit Coach membership, you’ll also receive a FREE iFit wearable. 

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