How to Customize the iFit Coach Dashboard

The iFit Coach app dashboard displays your activity, exercise, nutrition, and sleep data that is captured by the iFit wearable. You can use the dashboard as a quick overview to see your progress throughout the day. 


How to Add or Remove Stat Cards From the Dashboard

On your dashboard, stat cards display your current totals for certain data points. If you have a goal set for a certain data point, you'll also see your goal and the number you have left to reach your goal. To add or remove stats cards from your dashboard, follow these steps:


1. First make sure you are on the Dashboard and not the  Today's Plan screen.

Coach_app_dashboard_1.png          Coach_app_dashboard_edit.png

2. Scroll to the bottom of the dashboard and tap "Edit Stats." 

3. Check the stats you'd like to see on your dashboard and when you're finished, tap the "X" in the top left corner to return to your dashboard. 



How to View Stats From a Previous Day

To view stats for a previous day, tap the arrows in the date picker, near the top of your dashboard, to navigate to the desired day. 



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