Altra IQ Proper Pod Alignment Instructions

Ensuring the pods of your Altra IQ shoes is an important part of connecting you and your shoes to the IQ app.


1.  Remove the inside insole to express the flap located underneath where the arch of your foot would be.

2.  Lift the flap to expose the pod.

3.  The pods have a curved top-facing edge and a flat-bottom facing edge.  The flat edge pod is on the left while the rounded edge pod is located on the right in the image below.

4.  The pods need to be inserted with the flat-bottom side down and the curved-top edge facing up.  Correct orientation of the pods can vary.  Either the left, right or both may have the Altra logo or gray manufactures print on the rounded edge.  The curved-top edge needs to be facing up.

5.  Once the pod orientation is correct, place inside the sole of the shoe, pressing the flap down.  Once the flap is flush to the rest of the sole, replace the insole.  Open the app, you should see the following image to show the pods are in their correct position within the shoe.

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