Workout Milestone Emails FAQ

What are these emails?
The milestone emails are engagement emails that restart at the beginning of each year, running from January 1 to December 31. They highlight different workout milestones that you reach in a particular year (1 workout, 5 workouts, 25 workouts, and so on) and offer tips, motivation, and rewards along the way.

When do the emails send out?
They are sent the day after you reach a milestone.

What workouts qualify for hitting milestones?
Any completed workout of 10 minutes or longer on a treadmill, elliptical, bike, and rower.

Will I receive an email for every single workout I complete?
No, we have nine different milestones that you can reach for the year 2020. They are: 
1 workout 
5 workouts
25 workouts 
50 workouts
100 workouts
200 workouts
300 workouts
400 workouts
500 workouts

Who currently receives these emails?
Due to GDPR and other email regulations, we can only send these emails to users that meet all three of these criteria points: 

1. Subscribed to receive marketing communications from iFit
2. Resides in the U.S.
3. Country is selected in account settings

To ensure these emails don’t get sent to your spam or junk folder, please add us to your Safe Senders List. If you meet the above criteria and still have not received any emails after completing a workout that was 10 minutes or longer in the year 2020, please email us at or chat with us on so we can look into the issue.

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