iFIT App Overview

Learn how to operate the iFIT app, so you can access dozens of iFIT features and get the most out of your workouts. Use the menu below to navigate.  


Off-equipment experience

With the iFIT app, you can access a diverse variety of workouts that can be completed without any equipment, such as yoga, pilates, bodyweight classes, strength sessions, Audio Workouts, and more. 

There is no need to sync your machine to access off-equipment workouts, so simply browse the iFIT Library to find a workout that suits your interest and needs.

How to access off-machine programming in the iFIT app:

  1.  On the Home screen, you will see a top menu bar with icons labeled equipment types. Tap on the icon labeled STRENGTH to view recommended workouts that do not require a machine. Scroll to view recommended workouts. 
  2. If you’d like to refine your search more, tap BROWSE, then tap the SEARCH button that appears in the center bottom of the screen to apply filters. Select the filter “Workout type” to apply sub-filters like “Strength,” “Mental health,” and “Audio only.”

Choosing your equipment type

Select the type of machine you own to view recommended workouts meant to be completed on that type of machine. 

How to select a workout intended for your machine in the iFIT app: 

  1. On the iFIT app homepage, you will see a top menu bar with icons labeled TREADMILL, BIKE, ROWER, ELLIPTICAL, and STRENGTH. Tap on your machine type to view recommended workouts for you.
  2. If you’d like to search for a specific type of workout that’s compatible with your machine, tap BROWSE in the bottom navigation bar. Tap the oblong SEARCH button that appears in the middle bottom of your screen. Apply filters and tap SHOW RESULTS.

Navigation bar

The navigation bar, located at the bottom of your screen, helps you switch between features in the iFIT app. Explore all of the navigation bar icons here: 

Tap the Home icon to view and search recommended workouts for your equipment type. Use the menu bar at the top to select your machine type and view workouts intended for that machine, 

Tap the Calendar icon to view the workouts you have already completed and view upcoming ones that you have scheduled.

Tap the Browse icon to browse and filter all of the workouts in the iFIT Library.  

On Air

Tap the On Air icon to view upcoming Live Workouts that you can participate in. 


Tap the Challenges button to view challenge and milestone progress.

Favoriting workouts

Favoriting a workout allows you to easily access it in the future. Your “Favorite” workouts are prioritized in the top row of the iFIT Library.

How to favorite a workout in the iFIT app: 

  1. Tap on any workout card. In the upper right, you'll see a white outline of a heart. Tap the heart to favorite that workout. When the heart icon is filled in, it has been successfully favorited. When you tap BROWSE, your favorite workouts will be in a white box just under the featured workout of the day labeled “My list.”

Scheduling workouts

Scheduling workouts can help you simplify working out. Pre-scheduled workouts will automatically appear when you turn on your machine, making it easy for you to instantly get moving and make the most of your dedicated workout time. 

How to schedule a workout in the iFIT app: 

  1. Tap on any workout card. In the upper right, you will see a white outline of a calendar page with a plus sign. Tap the calendar to schedule that workout. In the calendar that appears, select the day you would like to complete the workout.  


Use search and filter to discover workouts that align with whatever you’re in the mood for. Search by type of location, trainer, target area, and more. 

How to filter workouts in the iFIT app: 

  1. Navigate to the Home page, then use the top menu bar to select your equipment type, then tap BROWSE. Tap the oblong Filters button that appears along the top right of your screen. 
  2. Select your desired filters. Filters include: Duration, Trainer, Workout type, Intensity, Target area, Continent, and Environment. From the dropdown menu that appears, refine your search further if you desire. 
  3. Once you are satisfied with your filters, tap SHOW RESULTS. A results page with workouts that fit your criteria will appear. 


When you log into the iFIT app, you will see a menu (three bars) in the upper right-hand corner. This is the menu, and you can use it to access the app settings and see details of your membership such as billing, secondary users, and more.

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