iFIT-Enabled Equipment: On Your Machine —Overview

Learn how to operate your machine, so you can access dozens of iFit features and get the most out of your workouts. Use the menu below to navigate.  


  • Navigation bar

    Navigation bar

    The navigation bar, located at the bottom of your screen, helps you switch between features on your machine. Explore all of the navigation bar icons below. 


    Tap the Home icon to view and search recommended workouts for your equipment type. Use the menu bar at the top to select your machine type and view workouts intended for that machine.


    Tap the Calendar icon to view the workouts you have already completed and view upcoming ones that you have scheduled.


    Tap the Create icon to design a personalized exercise route anywhere in the world using Google Maps™ workouts. Once you have created your map, you can start the workout to view Google Street View images that correspond to your designated route.


    Tap the Browse icon to browse and filter all of the workouts in the iFit Library.  

    On Air (Live Workouts)

    Tap the On Air icon to view upcoming Live Workouts that you can participate in.


    Tap the Challenges icon to view your yearly milestone count and your progress on past and current monthly challenges

    Favoriting workouts

    Favoriting a workout allows you to easily access it in the future. Your “Favorite” workouts are prioritized in the top row of the iFit Library.

    How to favorite a workout on your machine: 

    1. In order to “favorite” a workout, navigate to the iFit Library on the home screen or access it via the BROWSE icon on the bottom navigation bar. 
    2. In the upper, right corner of every workout, you will see the white outline of a heart. Tap the heart to favorite a workout. When the heart icon is filled in, it has been successfully favorited. 

    How to access favorited workouts:

    1. Tap BROWSE to be directed to the iFit Library. On the top row of the screen is where you will see any iFit workouts or series that you have previously “favorited.” 

    Scheduling workouts

    Scheduling workouts can help you simplify working out. Pre-scheduled workouts will automatically appear when you turn on your machine, making it easy for you to instantly get moving and make the most of your dedicated workout time.  

    Go to the CALENDAR to view the workouts you have scheduled. 


    Once you have tapped ”Browse,” you will be directed to the iFit Library. On the top row of the screen is where you will see any iFit workouts or series that you have previously “favorited.” Below that top row, you will see all of the offerings in the iFit Library that pertain to your machine type or can be completed off of your equipment (yoga, pilates, HIIT, bodyweight routines, etc). 

    To filter the workouts in the iFit Library, tap the oblong button that appears in the bottom center of your screen. 

    Using the bar that appears at the top of your screen, select your desired filters. Filters include: Duration, Trainer, Workout type, Intensity, Target Aaea, Continent, and Environment. From the dropdown menu that appears, refine your search further if you desire. Once you are satisfied with your filters, tap “Apply.” A results page with workouts that fit your criteria will appear.


    When you log into the iFit app, you will see a menu (three bars) in the upper, right-hand corner. This is the menu, and you can use it to access details of your membership such as billing, secondary users, app settings, and more. You can also change your WiFi if needed, report an operational issue, or visit the support center to view tutorials and videos about common issues. 

    Switching users

    Once you have added secondary users, you can switch between multiple accounts on your machine. Learn about how to add secondary users. 

    1. Go to the menu bar in the upper right and hit LOG OUT. In the box the appears that asks “Are you sure you want to log out?” tap YES. Log back in using the desired account. 

    Manual start

    You can use manual mode at any time on your machine.

    How to access manual start on your machine:

    1. On your machine, you will see a manual start button. Press it to begin a manual workout.
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