iFIT-Enabled Equipment: Bluetooth®—Features

By pairing your iFIT-compatible machine to the iFIT app, you can access dozens of interactive features, ranging from auto-adjusted Global Workouts and Live Workouts to cross-training workouts like yoga and strength that can be completed away from your machine. Use the menu below to navigate and learn about all the iFIT features available to you.


Equipment menu bar

Located at the top of your Home screen, you can use the equipment menu bar to select your machine type and enter modality mode (a mode that allows you to view machine-applicable programming throughout the entire app). 

How to use the equipment menu bar to filter workouts for your machine:
On the Home screen, you will see a top navigation bar with icons labeled TREADMILL, BIKE, ELLIPTICAL, ROWER, and STRENGTH. Tap on your machine type to view recommended workouts for your machine type. Filtered results will appear on both your Home screen and the Library screen (viewable when you select BROWSE from the bottom navigation bar).

Interactive, trainer-led workout experience

Discover an unparalleled fitness experience with 12,000+ featuring professional fitness trainers. iFIT automatically adjusts your equipment’s resistance to match your trainer’s cues for a state-of-the-art fitness experience. 

How to start a workout on Bluetooth®-enabled equipment:

  1. On the Home screen, tap on the first workout that is displayed (this is the day’s featured workout), or scroll down to view other workouts. Tap to select a workout. Once you’ve selected, tap the PLAY icon in the upper left corner.
  2. Learn how to filter and search for workouts.

Workout overview

View the workout overview to get a snapshot of the workout. View information, such as what to expect, who the trainer is, and a summary of the items you’ll need to complete the workout, such as resistance bands or dumbbells. You can also view members’ workout ratings and comments.

How to view workout overviews:   
Tap on any workout card. Once the card has expanded, swipe up on the white banner that reads “Workout details” to view the summary. 

Favoriting workouts

Favoriting a workout allows you to easily access it in the future. Your “Favorite” workouts are prioritized in the top row of the iFIT Library.

How to favorite a workout on Bluetooth®-enabled equipment: 

  1. Tap on any workout card. In the upper right, you will see a white outline of a heart. Tap the heart to favorite that workout. When the heart icon is filled in, it has been successfully favorited. When you tap BROWSE, your favorited workout will be in a white box just under the featured workout of the day labeled “My list.”

Scheduling a workout

Scheduling workouts can help you simplify working out. Pre-scheduled workouts will automatically appear when you open the iFIT app, making it easy for you to instantly get moving and make the most of your dedicated workout time. 

How to schedule a workout on Bluetooth®-enabled machines: 

  1. Open the iFIT app and pair your machine. Tap on any workout card. In the upper right, you will see a white outline of a calendar page with a plus sign. Tap the calendar to schedule that workout. In the calendar that appears, select the day you would like to complete the workout.

There are two ways to view scheduled workouts: 

  1. On the day of a scheduled workout, the workout will appear on your Home screen.
  2. To view workouts not scheduled on the current day, Go to the CALENDAR to view the workouts you have scheduled. 

Global Workouts

Experience trainer-led, trainer-controlled workouts in beautiful global locales. From the glaciers of Iceland to the beaches of Tahiti, these one-of-a-kind workouts are designed to immerse and transport you. 

How to start a Global Workout on Bluetooth® equipment:

  1. Global Workouts are intermixed throughout the iFIT Library. Simply tap on a workout card featuring a global location to get started. 

Studio Classes

Take part in high-energy Studio Classes that simulate the feel of interactive, in-person boutique-style gym workouts. 

How to start a Studio Class on Bluetooth® equipment:

  1. Studio Classes are intermixed throughout the iFIT Library. Simply tap on a workout card featuring a studio class to get started.

On Air (Live Workouts)

Join energetic, group classes in the studio, led by motivational iFIT Trainers in realtime.

How to start a Live Workout on Bluetooth®-enabled equipment:

  1. On the Home screen, tap ON AIR on the bottom navigation bar.  Tap on the calendar to select a date and view what workouts will be live on that day. If a workout is about to start or is currently in-session you will be able to tap PLAY and join the class. 

Google Maps™ workouts

Using your tablet (please note: Google Maps™ workouts are not available on phones), design a custom exercise map to view Google Maps™️ satellite and Street View images sourced from along your route as you work out.

How to start a Google Maps™ workout on Bluetooth®-enabled equipment:

  1. On the bottom navigation bar, tap the CREATE icon to design a personalized exercise route anywhere in the world using Google Maps™ workouts. Once you have created your map, you can start the workout to view Google Street View images that correspond to your designated route. 

To design a custom Google Maps™ workout, follow the steps below: 

  1. In the upper left search bar, type your desired destination.
  2. On the map that appears, draw a route by touching points on the map.
  3. Select the tool icon in the upper left corner.
  4. Select “Save new workout.”


An interactive leaderboard makes it easy to challenge friends or filter to complete against desired groups. 

How to use Leaderboard on your machine:

Once you’re in a workout, you will see a sidebar on the right-hand side that is the Leaderboard. Tap FILTER in the upper right corner to apply filters for who you’d like to compete against. Options for competing include:


Use this slider to remove the Leaderboard and show only your own progress


To add Friends and Followers visit iFit.com. Once you’ve added people, you can turn on this slider.    


Choose male or female.


Apply age groups in 10-year increments.

You can select to compete against everyone who ever completed the workout, the last 30 days, this year, today, and right now.  


Use this slider to remove competitors that have make their workouts easier by decreasing their incline. 


Use this slider to remove competitors that did not complete their workout.

Additionally, at the bottom of the Leaderboard, you can filter by effort score, distance, estimated calories, watt hours, and average speed (as it applies to your specific machine).

Off-equipment workouts

Expand your practice beyond your machine with fitness programming that isn’t equipment-based, ranging from yoga to strength training. Take your routine outdoors with Audio Workouts or encourage a clearer mind with iFIT's mental health programming, ranging from meditation to bedtime stories.  

There are two ways to access off-equipment workouts on Bluetooth equipment:

  1. On the Home screen of the iFIT app, you will see a top navigation bar with icons labeled TREADMILL, BIKE, ELLIPTICAL, ROWER, and STRENGTH. Tap on any machine icons to view a mix of workouts recommended for that machine and a variety of workouts that do not require a machine. Scroll to view recommended non-connected workouts. 
  2. If you’d like to refine your search more, tap BROWSE, then tap the SEARCH button that appears in the center bottom of the screen to apply filters. Select the filter “Workout type” to apply sub-filters like “Strength,” “Mental health,” and “Audio only.”

Overriding the trainer

While participating in an auto-adjusted workout, you can override the trainer-implemented resistance, incline, or speed to customize your workout.

How to override the trainer: 

  1.  During a workout, use your machine’s on-screen controls or console buttons to select your desired resistance or incline, depending on which is applicable to your machine. Once you have selected your new resistance or incline, a button providing the option to re-follow the trainer will appear on your screen. Tap that button at any point to rejoin the trainer.
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