How to View an Entire Workout Series in the iFIT Library

Viewing an entire workout series in the iFIT Library will give you information about what the collection of workouts entails. This feature will help you decide if a series matches your needs and goals. 

To view a workout series from an individual workout from the series. Tap the workout to reveal the workout details.

A pre-workout screen will appear with a card containing the workout overview. Select the name of the series featured at the bottom of this card.

Here, you will see an overview of the whole series, including the number of workouts, the length of the series, and the level of intensity. 

To see what lies ahead, toggle between the different weeks or scroll down to view all the workouts within the series. You can view the details of each individual workout and see which ones you have already completed. 

To schedule the series, tap the calendar icon in the top, right-hand corner. Once you add a workout series to your calendar, the next scheduled workout will appear first on your dashboard for easy access. 

Favorite the series to make it easier to find later by selecting the heart icon in the top, right-hand corner.

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