Understanding Your Stats

In order for you to track your progress towards your goals, iFit updates your statistics every time you complete an iFit workout. To view your stats, log in to your iFit account on your computer and click “Stats” under the dropdown that says “Menu.”

At the top of the page, you can preview the results of your fit score for the day, week, month, or year—based on distance, average incline, total calories burned, and how long you worked out for. Click any of these stats to view all of your activity, nutrition, and sleep stats, as well as your goals. If you do not already log all of these stats and want to, click the log button for each stat to update them. 

Your 7-day stat report updates every 7 days, not on a set day of the week. If you performed a large workout 7 days ago and it looks like your stats actually dropped, it only seems this way because that workout is 7-days-old. For example, if it is Friday, and you have not completed an iFit workout since last Friday, your states may say zero now, even though that workout was only a week ago. Your monthly stats work in the same concept: after 30 days, your workouts from 30 days ago will no longer be displayed. This format enables you to always be aware of your most recent goals and what you have accomplished in a specific time period.

To see the graph of your stats in further detail, click “VIEW STATS”. All of your calculations can be viewed by hovering your mouse over the bar, and the total will pop up.

You can view the number of calories you burned by clicking “Calories burned.” For example, if you go to the dropdown for “Year,” you can view how many calories you burned each month in 2020. 

Your “Distance” is measured by how far you traveled for a specific workout, such as the treadmill. There is no distance measured for iFit workouts where you do not move forward, such as for strength training exercises. 

Your “Elevation” is measured by how much elevation you gained for the time frame you are looking at. It is measured by feet, which you can view in the chart.

Your total “Steps are measured based on a sensor suite that detects when your body moves, so even if you are on a rowing machine and not taking physical stepslike when you are runningthey are still calculated. For reference, there are approximately 2,000 steps in 1 mile.

Your “Workouts” are measured by how many you completed.

Your “Weight” is how much you weighed on the day/month you completed a specific workout(s).

Your “Time” is how long you worked out for. 

Lastly, your “Heart rate” is calculated based on your iFit SmartBeat Forearm Heart Rate Monitor, which can be purchased from the iFit Shop. Read more information on how to use this monitor.

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