Connecting Your iFIT Account to Garmin Connect

iFIT can now connect with Garmin Connect! Activities recorded in Garmin Connect will now sync to iFIT, keeping all of your workout histories up to date in the iFIT app.

Connecting your iFIT account to Garmin Connect

Before you begin, please note that the Garmin Connect connection must be initially established from the iFIT app on your smartphone.

  • Open the iFIT app on your smartphone.

  • From the iFIT app, navigate to the Settings menu and select Connected Apps > Garmin Connect > Connect. 

  • You will be prompted to log in with your Garmin Connect credentials. 

  • After logging in, make sure that the toggles under the header that say “Data shared from Garmin Connect to the iFIT app” are turned on. Then select Save. 

  • Next, select Agree.

  • Your iFIT and Garmin Connect accounts are now connected. All of your activities will now be imported from Garmin Connect to iFIT.

  • Select Done.


NOTE: At this time, Garmin Connect only allows activities to be shared from Garmin Connect to iFIT. If you want to export an activity from iFIT to Garmin Connect, follow the manual export instructions. 

  • If you want to adjust your activity import settings between iFIT and Garmin Connect, you can adjust the Permissions toggle on and off. 

  • To import workout activities from Garmin Connect, ensure the toggle is switched on. To stop importing workout activities, switch the toggle off.

Manually export an iFIT activity to Garmin Connect 

  • From a desktop browser, go to and log in to your iFIT account.

  • Navigate to Menu > Workouts to view your workout history.

  • Select the workout you want to export to view the workout details.

  • Click the Export button, then select either the TCX or CSV file option from the drop-down menu.

  • The chosen file will be downloaded to your computer.

  • You can now upload the file in Garmin Connect’s web service and your iFIT activity will be visible in Garmin Connect. 

Disconnecting your iFIT and Garmin Connect Accounts

  • From the iFIT app, navigate to the Settings menu and select Connected Apps > Garmin Connect > Disconnect. 

  • When a system pop-up box appears asking you to confirm your selection, select Remove.

  • Your iFIT and Garmin Connect accounts are now disconnected. Your activities will no longer be sent from Garmin Connect to iFIT. 


Will my past activities be synced after connecting my accounts? 

At this time, only activities that are recorded after your accounts are connected will be synced between accounts. 

If I delete an activity in Garmin Connect, will it also delete the activity in iFIT?

No, deleting an activity in Garmin Connect will not delete the activity in iFIT and vice versa.

Why aren't my Garmin Connect or iFIT activities syncing?

To begin, make sure you have an active internet connection, then refresh the iFIT and Garmin Connect applications. If the activity still does not sync, wait a few hours and then refresh the applications again. 

If problems syncing your activities still persist, you may have to reauthorize the connection between iFIT and Garmin Connect. To do this, start by fully disconnecting your accounts. Then, reconnect your accounts by following the instructions under “Connecting your iFIT account to Garmin Connect.”

Why are some of my workout metrics, like calories and distance, displayed differently between iFIT and Garmin Connect?

Due to the way iFIT and Garmin Connect calculate and interpret an activity’s data, certain workout metrics may display differently, even when based on the same activity.


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